A small workflow for Editorial for iOS

I don’t know if I’ve ever written about my workflow for publishing this site. I
often write drafts or even complete articles while on the go. Usually when
commuting to or from work. My commute is about an hour either way so that gives
me plenty of time to write things for you or my

When I am on my mobile devices I either write using the iPhone (6) or my trusty
old iPad (3rd Gen with LTE).

The app I am using is Editorial for
. I used to
write with IA Writer Pro but I had one specific problem
with it: I like to use the correct typographic quotes in my writing (’ <-
this one). IA Writer has a specific button for these and it looks gorgeous when
writing. As I always write using Markdown I need to export it into my Octopress
blog and generate HTML pages from it. Typographic quotes break everything and
don’t work. So I started to use Editorial’s workflows to replace the quotes with
their HTML entities. So inside my text a “'” or “’” becomes &rsquo;.

Here’s the Editorial
workflow for that, in case anyone else wants to use it.

Thank you for reading.