I've noticed a pattern

I’ve noticed a pattern of lately. It has to do with developer’s desks and their style to work. Perhaps I am too superficial with this. The thing I noticed is, that developers who keep their desks organized neatly and take the time to clean up their desks before they leave at night, are also the ones who clean up their code and their projects.

I have a drawer beneath my desk and every night before I leave, I put loose things in there; to have them off the desk and stored away. This way, when I come to my desk in the morning, I have a clean area and don’t have to wade through stuff from yesterday. I try to organize code in a similar manner: After I’ve written some code or implemented a feature, I take another look at it and try to find ways to optimize it. To have it better organized.

Last week I started using Pronto to help me with this job. The verdict after the first week? Big win. I showed a co-worker what I was doing and he started to try Pronto as well. Both of us liked it and will keep using it.

Do you have similar patterns?