What I've found for March 09, 2015


github-cheat-sheet - A list of cool features of Git and GitHub.

Awesomplete: Ultra lightweight, highly customizable, simple autocomplete, by Lea Verou
: What do you use for autocompletion? Have a look at this little widget.

Ultra lightweight, customizable, simple autocomplete widget with zero dependencies, built with modern standards for modern browsers.

HTML5 number inputs – Comma and period as decimal marks | Aeyoun
: Have you ever tried to input a number with either comma or dot and it didn;t work as you expected?

will open a numeric software keyboard on modern mobile operating systems. Not every user can input decimal numbers into this convenient field without proper localization.

The Best Static Blog Generator: Middleman vs Jekyll
: I use Octopress (which uses Jekyll under the hood) for this blog. When I find the time, I'll update to either Octopress 3 or just Jekyll. I am not sure yet.

David Turnbull pits Jekyll and Middleman, his two favorite static blogging tools, against each other and looks at where each tool excels.

Rails Garbage Collection: Tuning Approaches - by Lourens of Bear Metal
: Garbage collection is a topic I have yet to do anything with. On iOS it was a major topic, but I never considered it for Rails. Bookmarked for future reference…

Rails Garbage Collection: Tuning Approaches Lourens wrote this on Feb 20th, 2015 9:19 am MRI maintainers have put a tremendous amount of work into …

: Several examples how #split works on Strings. Useful for Ruby beginners.