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Save time and your nerves and use Chrome's snippets

I don’t know about you, but I have this thing: When I work on websites or web apps, I often catch myself using the same commands in the web developer’s console. Chrome has a nice autocompletion as of lately. But sometimes you need more than this. Once again Chrome has your back:

Did you know? You can save often used code snippets very easily with Chrome:

Just open your dev tools, go to the Sources tab and open the left drawer. There you’ll see Sources, Content scripts and Snippets. Then you just need to make a right click somewhere in this drawer and select “New”.

Then you can name your Snippet and it’s saved for reuse.

If you right click your snippet, you can select “run” and have Chrome execute it. Otherwise you’d have to copy & paste it to the dev console. But you wouldn’t do it that way, would you? :-)

That’s really a nice feature. Thanks, Chrome Dev Tools peoples.

BTW: The script/snippet you can see on the screenshots is an online audit script. Read more about it here: Introducing Outline Audit. I found it through Martin Wolf’s blog

Thank you for reading.